June 19, 2013

Exploring HTV a Little....

I love vinyl. Can't get enough of it! I've been seeing people post all over about HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl). It looks awesome! So, I decided to take a swing at it and try it out. I don't own a fancy heat press so I just used a good ol' iron. Way harder I'm sure but it kinda did the job ;) 

There are a lot of FB groups for htv, vinyl, cameos, etc. And the ladies (and men!) on there are so helpful and wonderful! With lots of questions that they answered, I decided it was now or never! 

I got this really fun bag from Barnes & Noble (only $10 with any purchase in the store!) and knew I wanted to add something to it. I decided to go simple and just add my name. It took A LOT of pressure, all sorts of different items to layer between the image and the iron until I gave up. Before I did though, I just put the iron right to the plastic protective cover and it worked! The letters are completely smooth due to all the trials and errors, but I think it looks good for my 1st one! Gonna play with some tshirts tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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