May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I had to make a few gifts for the boys teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. Of course I had all these plans to make them something for each day but that never happened :( I have 3 teachers to make for, 2 female-1 male.  Guy teachers are not the easiest to gift! 
So...Here is what I came up with:


For Aidens Kindergarten teacher, I made a red tumbler with a cut out of a stick figure teacher. The back of the cup has Mrs. Warner on it.

For Jayce's 3rd grade teacher, I made another tumbler. He is a huge FSU Seminoles Fan so I cut out their logo for this one. And the back has Mr. Laing on it

Logan's 2nd grade teacher I went a a different route with. She is in love with frogs! Everything in the class is ONLY frogs! So I made her a bucket that has her name (Ms. Ponga) with frogs on it. I added 3d flowers I cut with the cameo (got the flowers from the SIL store). For the stems, I used fun green striped straws! 

I filled each container/cup up with hershey kisses that I stamped with fun school sayings from Jaded Blossoms Teacher Appreciation Candies.

And finally, I added a little hang card to each gift. I was too tired to make individual cards so I made tags. Everything (dies and stamp images) came from Jaded Blossom as well. The ink and makers are all Close To My Heart .

Thanks for stopping by! I know it was a little winded and picture heavy but I wanted to try and get it all in for you! 

Enjoy your weekend =)

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