December 1, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop ~ Day 8

Welcome to the 12 days of Christmas blog hop hosted by Lisa from Honey Bearz Designs! This hop will run from 11/24-12/5 and will be full of fun Christmas ideas and inspiration to get you ready for the holiday season! Such an awesome way to get you inspired to make some holiday cards or finish up some layouts, maybe even some Christmas decor! Sit back and join us for all 12 days and be inspired! There will be a new project each day from all of us with a guest designer helping us out too!

Thanksgiving is over and its time to pull out the Christmas decorations! We normally don't do much since we always travel up to NY for the holidays, but we are staying home this year! Not sure how I'm going to feel seeing palm trees and wearing flip flops on Christmas morning, but we shall see! 

I love our Christmas stockings! They are just so beachy/Florida-y and I love them! We just recently adopted 2 amazing little puppies, Nova & Neptune. They are 4 months old, Weimaraner/Lab mix. I needed stockings for them too of course and decided to make theirs. 

Jayce, Logan, Aiden, Mom, Dad, Nova & Neptune
Went to Walmart, grabbed 2 stockings (1 red, 1 green) and came home and went to work. WELL! I don't do much HTV and tonight was definitely a DUH kind of moment with it! I was so excited that I was finally remembering to do everything right, until I turned their stocking the right way and realized their names were upside down! HAHA!!! 

Upside down!
Thank goodness I had 2 extra stockings at home and I was able to use them. I didn't get to use my green one but thats ok ;)

They were so easy to do (after I realized to do them upside down when turned inside out!). I used green glitter HTV I purchased at Expressions Vinyl

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sue k said...

Very cute stockings and funny story about being upside down. I do silly things like that all the time.


Miranda said...

These are cute!

Barbara said...

I can so relate to the upside down effect.. Love the stockings.
Barb S (FL)

Dawnette Cress said...

Cute stockings

lindaplus3 said...

very cute stockings... the green you used is a very pretty color :)

Iris said...

Love the stockings- they look so nice.
I follow your blog
isoscia at aol dot com

mamawcindy said...

So Cute! I Love Stockings to.

Lori Apgar said...

Darling stockings!!!!

Beth said...

I like all of your stockings. I really like the color you used on the puppies stockings.

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Sarah J. B said...

Your stockings are so cute!

Creative M said...

Super DUPER cute!!
Have a wonderful day,
*Crafting With Creative M*

Nadia said...

They turned out great!

Carol McGregor said...

Very pretty. We have all done stuff like that. Brush it off. Your project looks great.

Golden Goddess Designs said...

ha ha live and learn! they turned out great!!

C'est La-Vie Designs Unlimited, LLC said...

TFS. The ups/downs of crafting...right?I

La-Vie B.
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Ashley said...

I LOVE your beach-themed stockings!!!

~Ashley W